About Full Life Arts

With a commitment to process and practice, Full Life Arts provides a safe place for you to use the tools of arts and crafts to access the personally profound.

You will have a guide, not an instructor, as you engage with both ancient and more modern art forms.

Through one-to-one or group process, in-person or virtual,  you will delight in experimenting with color, materials and form to enter a creative flow which can be illuminating, restorative, and perhaps even transformative.

After the creative experience, you will have a uniquely sacred creation to take home. You will also have the ability to continue an art and spirit-filled practice on your own.

About Lynn
Art-maker. Seeker. Facilitator. Tea lover.

Lynn has always been a Seeker, wanting to know more about herself, and about the world. She studied art history as an undergraduate and graduate, relishing the images and symbols which appear across cultures and through time.  Library science seemed a practical way of working with culture, knowledge and wisdom (read: make a living) and so she headed in that direction. Even as some things aligned outwardly, inwardly, she was still on a quest.

It was during a mandala workshop facilitated by artist, Heidi Darr Hope (http://www.darr-hope.com/) that she first experienced the connection between creativity and inner work.  This was not because they discussed any specific therapeutic ideas when they were together, but rather because they were in a flow of creation. The mandala that she made that day is still one of her favorites.

She has now been making meaningful art for more than twenty years, going deeper into different modalities with more formal training. Though expressive arts don’t need to be done in a group, Lynn’s experience has been that an experienced guide and facilitator can create a safe container for people to explore art with curiosity, rather than with a goal of doing things right.

When she is not facilitating or creating in her studio, Lynn’s work is always intertwined with the edifying everyday of family life which includes her husband, Jim, two children, Grace and Jack (both now in college), and a big brown hound dog, Huck.

Lynn lives in Asheville, NC, energized by the rolling green and blue of the Blue Ridge Mountains. She had visited here often as a child (from Spartanburg, SC) marveling at the waterfalls and deep forests and the Biltmore Estate alike.  Now as an adult, her  artistic spirit is fed by the many artists of the region, and by the plethora of art events and sharing– all providing inspiration for her own work.


  • Expressive Arts Florida Institute, student (www.expressiveartsflorida.com)
  • Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator Training, Trained (www.veriditas.org)
  • SoulCollage® Facilitator Training, Certificate (soulcollage.com)
  • Creating Mandalas Certificate Program, Certificate (creatingmandalas.com)
  • Elmwood Inn Fine Teas, Tea 101 Masterclass, Certificate (store.elmwoodinn.com)
  • M.L.I.S., Library and Information Science, University of South Carolina, Columbia
  • M.A., Art and Art History, University of Texas, Austin
  • B.A., Art History and French, Rice University, Houston